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the H   W DIARY

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The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength

Marcus Aurelius 


We have based ourselves in Teignmouth Devon. We have begun with all sincerity our practice, we have much to learn of that we are sure, but we offer what we have come to know, and what we know, will grow, that is for sure.  


We thought of and watched many times as we travelled, people rushing around, going in and out of their work places, we'd offered what we have many times to be told that there just wasn't the time or place. We'd laughed and said We're Healers on Wheels call and we'll come, and we did and we will. We love working with people, with organisations and businesses of all different sizes


We'd worked in the city for many years, watching, we knew we what we had and we wanted to begin, we'd wanted to travel we'd wanted to experience, we wanted to deepen our understanding, so we went to the festivals. We put up our sign and worked with who ever walked up to our door, instantly there on the spot, We enjoyed it very much, we thought on our toes. We took care with the trust we were given,  we listened and we learned so much, not only about what we did but about ourselves. We hope to continue working this way for many years to come.  


The idea for retreats came to us a long time ago but we realised the responsibility. Our ideas needed a solid foundation, tried and tested means. In the winters we worked in the French Alps, ran the Ski Chalet, learnt the art of hospitality. We found that we were good at it and that we liked it very much. Its our new adventure, we are excited about this, all things coming together as they always do. We'll be announcing dates and venues here soon. 

HOW Hypnotherapy Circle Logo_edited.jpg