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We began working the UK festival circuit 2014 we wanted to gain more first hand experience in our chosen field and in many a field we did. We called ourselves "Healers On Wheels" and set out. Since then we have never really been able to give it up, nor have we ever wanted too

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Festival Diary 2019



We are planning to work at the following festivals in 2019

31st May -2nd June - Acoustic Festival of Britain - Uttoxeter UK

5-7th July - Cornbury Festival - Great Tew, Cotswords, UK


Working from our blue Geodesic Dome as usual, we will offering 




Indian Head Massage

Tarot Card Reading

Work Shops


HOW Hypnotherapy Circle Logo_edited.jpg

Festival Photos
Festival Photos

Healing Fields Wychwood Festival Therapixies

Healers On Wheels Crew
Healers On Wheels Crew

Rebellion Punk Festival bringing health and well being to punk