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Looking for Hypnotherapy in Exeter? 

No matter who created the problem; 

YOU are the only one who can or will deal with it, for no one else will.

YOU are the only one who can or will find ways the means, the methods

to change those ideas and feelings within yourself.


Whatever roles others played in your past are now yours to play. You are the only one who knows what is rewarding satisfying and fulfilling for you and what is not.

Gil Boyne

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How can it help

Once an Idea has been accepted by the subconscious mind it remains there and governs our behaviour in that area, so accessing the subconscious in this way altering, amending unhealthy conflicting ideas and or introducing positive healthy ideas can help you;

Release anxiety and be calmerChange your eating patterns Stop cravings eliminate fears and phobias Be more positive and optimistic Enhance motivation Increase energy Heal the past Move forward Help with concentration and studies | Pain management Children's issues

It is the most powerful method yet developed to draw upon the deep subconscious resources of every person to enable them to live fuller, happier, more successful lives.

What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is first of all a natural state of mind, with special identifying characteristics. A capacity for response to hypnosis is a natural human ability, there is nothing unnatural about it and there is nothing supernatural about it. Hypnosis is a state of mind that possesses an extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Hypnotherapy will help you make the positive changes in your life you wish for 

Hypnotherapy for Children

Are you looking for Hypnotherapy for children in Exeter? 

Children and young adults respond well to hypnotherapy. They are both imaginative and open-minded. They seek guidance and embrace change. 

Paediatric Hypnotherapy most often involves helping a child to effortlessly change habits, eradicate discomfort and physical symptoms. The child learns to use relaxation techniques and mental images similar to a daydream or fantasy to enter an “altered mental state. Year on year, more parents are turning to hypnotherapy to help their children overcome behavioural problems, increase confidence and tackle anxiety.


What does it feel like

It is a profoundly relaxing experience. You'll sit back in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and allow yourself to enter a deep state of relaxation and calmness, called trance. You will be aware of what is happening. You do not loose control you'll realise you gain control. You will not be asleep, you will be very much aware. It is a very pleasant state that has been likened to vivid daydreaming. Hypnotherapy is completely safe, it is a very pleasant and relaxing experience, so although you may be having Hypnotherapy in Exeter you could be anywhere in the world.

How does it Work

Hypnotherapy will help you positively change how you feel, how you think and so how behave. Trance behaviour is when the critical faculty of the mind is set aside and another level of the mind, the subconscious, is focusing and functioning easily and effortlessly. Suggestions are given in such a way that this subconscious mind can accept and so begin to help you make the necessary shifts and healthy adjustments you want, encouraging you to be more confident and comfortable. 

Our Experience

Are you looking for Hypnotherapy in Exeter. We are based in Teignmouth Devon. We have practiced the length and breadth of the UK for many years now and have earned the trust of many hundreds of people helping them resolve many different issues in a caring confidential environment.  We have earned our sensitive caring reputation and we will give you our undivided attention when you come to visit us. If your looking for Hypnotherapy in Exeter or Devon why not drop us a line, call us or call in to see us. 

Times & Fees

At our Practise in Teignmouth a session with me is £60.00

Sessions can vary from one to one and a half hours 

Therapist: Michael Crudge

HOW Hypnotherapy Circle Logo_edited.jpg