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 Employee - Well Being 

Our Therapies deal with the emotional mental and physical well-being of the person on a daily basis so If the people you work with are in need of some help or guidance in these areas you can offer them a healthy enjoyable and relaxing option with one or a combination of any of the following.

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What we offer?

- Groups -

Yoga Class (45 mins)

Body and Mind Relaxation (25 mins yin yoga & 20 mins guided meditation)

Awareness Group (15 mins chair yoga & 30 mins Self-Hypnosis technique)

Self-Hypnosis Class (45 mins)


- Individuals -


Indian Head Massage


Personalised Yoga Class

Healthy Cooking Motivation Class


We can travel to your work place for on site therapies if you can provide a space or our Teignmouth Serenity Centre is available for groups also.


Fees can vary depending on group size, needs and location. Please, get in touch with us to see how we can work together. We look forward to hearing from you.

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