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Ageless Savoyard special - Potato & Mushroom Tartiflette

Tartiflette always so warm comforting and filling

I’d always loved Tartiflette when we we worked up in the Alps up in the Haute Savoie. It was my dish of choice always so warming and filling, definitely comfort food. We were down in the Languedoc in the sunshine now working at a retreat and I was craving Tartiflette. We’d been down to the lovely town of Quillian, which has a busy market on Wednesdays & Saturdays with a large variety of stalls bursting with local produce, fresh fruit, vegetables and organic food.

We’d found some Reblochon Savoyard Cheese on an amazing cheese stall and so bought some big organic potatoes, some amazing looking mushrooms; that the locals took great pride in and some crème fraiche from the supermarket on the way back to Domain Du Mournac.

It’s such a simple and delicious dish. Orsi simply boiled the potatoes in their skins, then left them to cool a while. I then gently peeled them, the skins almost falling off and thickly sliced them.

Orsi sliced the mushroom and fried them for a few minutes with garlic, salt, pepper and parsley and laid them out in baking dish in alternate layers, potatoes first. Then mixed the creme fraiche with salt, pepper, whole grain mustard and poured it over the dish. I added strips of reblochon savoyard cheese on the top, covered it with kitchen foil and baked it until it was ready, then without the foil for a bit to brown the reblochon.

Perfection, just beautiful..!!

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