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Can Hypnotherapy stop me smoking

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Can Hypnotherapy Stop me Smoking

At Hypnotherapy in Exeter people have asked many times can Hypnotherapy stop Me smoking; the answer is of course, no. I cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do.

It may work for a little while but the person would probably start again at some point, you cannot be made to do something you don’t agree with. That is what Hypnosis in this context is; getting the clients unconscious agreement for what the client consciously wants and that is not always a straight road.

Can Hypnotherapy Stop me Smoking; Everything you Need to Know!

Can Hypnotherapy help me kick the habit?

The answer to that is a resounding Yes. It can help you find the motivation to really stop this time and it is a habit or you wouldn’t need help to kick it, to stop smoking, permanently.

Underlying reasons Suppression of feelings

My dear friend and teacher Phil Pooke said after 20 years he just couldn’t give up smoking. He then developed cancer in the lower spine due to smoking, on the day he was diagnosed he gave up immediately, sadly it was too late; point is of course he could give up with the right motivation. I had a case where a lady stopped smoking but called me back the following week saying “What have you done to me, I hate my husband now”

Other issues

Turned out she had issues with her father that she had projected upon her husband that she had suppressed with smoking. Hypnotherapy is not always a quick fix, but smoking certainly is. It took three sessions in all to identify her reasons. She is now happily married and a smoke free zone; a happy ending and a healthier life ahead.

You all know the reasons why you should stop; right?

Everybody knows smoking is medically proven to lead to all sorts of serious medical issues that will shorten your life, from heart disease emphysema bronchitis along with lung, mouth throat bladder bowl cervix kidney liver stomach and bowel cancer. It will seriously affect the quality of your life; negatively. It will create stress not relive it, sleepless nights, shallow breathing, loss of taste, it will impact on you financially that ugly cough those yellow fingers and also it stinks, you know all this right?

One in a million

I’ve heard quite a few say, I know all about the health risks, but my uncle so and so was smoking all his life and he lived till he was 80 what ever and it never affected him. There is always that one story, but there are at least 78,000 other slow painful death stories in the UK every year that out weight uncle so and so and I’d like to bet it did affect him.

So how does Hypnotherapy help - Associations

Hypnotherapy will help you identify the reasons why you smoke, why you feel you can’t stop, will give you the information and put you in control. You’ll then be able to make informed choices on whether you want to continue. My girlfriend discovered that her smoking was based upon a childhood association of happiness, as a little girl sat with her family, Parents Grandparents aunts and uncles, everybody laughing and smoking. She realized her association with smoking was happiness, she realized whilst in hypnosis and so stopped immediately.


All those negatives said, maybe you genuinely don’t want to live out your full time, perhaps you want out, fair enough, but it’ll be slow. Or perhaps you genuinely are immortal and will just live on getting used to the shuffling, the dull palate to becoming more and more out of breath, forgetting the joy of what it feels like to be clear minded and physically fit no matter what your age.


So there are many reasons as to why people carry on smoking even with all that terrifying information. From happiness, stress relief and defiance, to things buried deeply that need to be given fresh air. Stop smoking is not always as straightforward. But if a person is motivated it can be swift, not because the Hypnotist will in one session Make you but because you’ll really want to stop. It is at times a very complicated issue as are most addictions. But if you are sincere about stopping if you need that help with the motivation to stop then we can certainly help you.

If you have found yourself asking “can Hypnotherapy stop me smoking” then the chances are you closer to quitting than you think! and if you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Exeter then remember there are no quick fixes but there are right directions and Hypnotherapy can very much be the only map you’ll need!

Watch and listen to the Guided Self Help Hypnosis "Stop Smoking" Meditation with Mick Crudge & Stuart Newman from Entrance

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