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Does Hypnotherapy work for Anxiety

What is anxiety? Is it physical, is it mental, can you put your finger on it? Can you identify it? How does Hypnotherapy work for Anxiety?

The origin of anxiety

Anxiety originates in the mind, and is exhibited physically in the body. Begun as thought that moves upwards, expressed as emotion that is experienced physically and that is searching for a way to find release. Emotions are powerful energies that need to find expression. If the route to expression is blocked energy will simply build. Energy is always looking to find a release.

Fear of destruction

Feelings are based upon our thoughts, what we think is then what we feel about things. Many of our thoughts are unfounded. Many of us are scared of our feelings, so a safe way is needed to express ourselves without the fear of destroying everything around us or we ourselves being destroyed.

The poisonous message

Many symptoms of anxiety are created by an idea, a memory or a message received that we either don’t want to deal with, feel we can’t deal with, have over time forgotten about or not realized a poisonous message has entered our mind. These ideas loop round and around, buried deeper and deeper under ever increasing layers of behavior that a person comes to think is the problem whilst the initial impact, lays forgotten by the conscious self but active under these layers.

Archeology of the mind

Does hypnotherapy work for anxiety. Practicing Hypnotherapy in Exeter Teignmouth I like to describe the process as archeology of the mind. You may have watched an exciting program as ancient ruins or wrecks are uncovered

The Truth shall set you free

Many a firmly held belief about the past has come crumbling down or new truths illuminated when the layers and sediments are removed and the truth is revealed. Hypnotherapy is the same. When the truth is revealed old negative beliefs can be swept away. Belief is a choice, but truth is a fact or a knowing; and the truth is “You have unlimited potential”

Day to day anxiety

There are of course the day to day anxieties, work, social life, family, bills etc and in the moment can be just as debilitating but non are ever solved by anxiety.

Bringing Awareness

Hypnosis will introduce more of a daily alertness, teaching your subconscious to serve you and with that clear mind solutions tend to appear. That’s right relaxation is strength.

Panic attacks

Many people suffer from panic attacks, irrational and out of control emotional responses to a situation, something beyond just out of reach triggering that out of control feeling and so helplessness and panic are amplified and spiral and so on and so on.

Not mental illness

I don’t like to label these things as a mental illness though left unattended they could end up being so. They are simply the subconscious reactions to a situation an object or thing that trigger an emotion creating a physical reaction called anxiety or phobia. But once understood they tend to vanish.

So does Hypnotherapy work for anxiety ?

I practice Hynotherapy in Exeter Teignmouth have done in London and up and down the UK and have witnessed many times; Yes it most certainly does help. I was working with a lady just the other day who regressed to a place back in her past,

she said “But I know this, I’ve done all the therapies, the talking and the painting, I know all of this”

Yet her subconscious didn’t know, all the therapies hadn’t registered in the deeper mind and she was still suffering

Once an ideas has been accepted

Once understood and dealt with in the deeper mind anxieties vanish like the morning mist. There is no reason for years of talking over reliving traumatizing embarrassing painful events. Once the subconscious is accessed and a new idea has been accepted; Relief from anxiety can be instantaneous.

The safest way

Hynotherapy is without doubt the safest way, the quickest and most direct route to uncover subconscious beliefs and emotions that aren’t working for you. So Does hypnotherapy work for anxiety you bet it does

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