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Eye catching side dish - Risen Rose Baked Potatoes

Risen rose baked potatoes, eyeful of mouthwatering spirals

We’d bought lots of potatoes from the amazing Esperaza market under the shade of the old thirteenth century church. We’d driven happily down the winding dusty road along the old pilgrimage route to Spain. We had a lot of English and Irish students we needed potatoes, we like our potatoes.

I’d watched Orsi slice the potatoes in half and then scour the flat surface with a knife, so that when baked the potato squares rise, I didn’t really like the look of the grid design, I love a spiral. So a few days later we were preparing baked potatoes again. I sliced them then took a desert spoon held it firmly and pushed it into the surface of the potato I held in my other hand, working it inwards and around in a spiral until it reached the center.

We gave them a good dosing on salt and pepper and tightly covered them with kitchen foil, put them into the very hot oven until they were soft and baked. Than took off the foil, brushed the surface with olive oil and put them back until they were golden brown.

When we took them out we were amazed to see what looked like risen flowers, they looked and tasted amazing, we took them out to the students at the retreat and no word of a lie they were gone in minutes, we did them a few more times over the weeks and each time baked a few more, there was never any left after dinner, beautiful filing and fabulous.

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