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Help for Beginner Yoga Teachers - What you Need To Know!

Frissítve: 2019. jan 22.

I threw myself into the deep end as a beginner Yoga teacher without hesitation. Partly because I felt ready, curious, excited and on the other hand I just couldn’t deny my fiery Aries nature; no patience, eh? Instead of advertising one or maybe two classes a week I decided to advertise HOW Yoga classes in Teignmouth 6 days a week, 3 classes per day every morning...and see what happens. Here is help for beginner yoga teachers and what you need to know!

You cannot fail at Yoga

Every single person who’ve come through the door have been amazingly open, excited, curious and just as ready to do and receive yoga as I was to demonstrate and give the teaching. Sitting on the teachers mat I felt the trust from everyone; the trust in me and in Yoga. I have so often thought, Gosh, how lucky I am to be teaching yoga (and not something else) Which simply can’t fail the asana (the pose) itself is so ancient and so full of knowledge just doing it in at your own pace in your own time consciously will reward you, you cannot fail at Yoga.

Red hot Yoga Mat

If you do a class, any class, you will feel better after. A good teacher is just the cherry on the cake. The science of yoga postures does the job for all the teachers. So, I trust in Yoga. Yoga is valid. But to become that cherry on that cake you will bake a few cakes or quite possibly bake all the time, daily, and my mat is cooking

I am who I am I am as I am

On the very second, when I step into that role start leading a class my yoga mat becomes really hot under me, I kid you not. I consider and feel a responsibility for everyone who does the class with me, I love to serve everyone’s body needs, keeping my own and lifting their spirits high as a group step into and stay in the flow and; most importantly for me to be real, honest and true to myself, I am as a I am, I am who I am, I think people subconsciously respond to this.

All Becoming One

I often sense through the yoga class we are all becoming one. We are all learning, giving and receiving from each other. At times like this I am not the teacher I was when I greeted everyone on arrival. I am a voice to follow but a practitioner myself as well. This is probably why I often find myself in-between two other people’s mat, myself inline with them, breathing and moving together, it’s an honour it’s a pleasure and its freedom. It’s simply a privilege to work and practice Yoga in Teignmouth with others in this way

Thank you everyone for coming!

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