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How to break bad habits with Hypnotherapy

Enhance your life in ways you approve and that bring you joy and peace of mind. So here is how to break bad habits with Hypnotherapy

The definition of a bad habit is “something that you do often and regularly and is bad for or is unpleasant, harmful or undesirable for you. Identifying where the habit started and why is the first step in changing it, then using that energy to enhance your life in ways you approve and that bring you joy and peace of mind.

Before discovering how to break bad habits you must learn what is a bad habit!

It is debatable exactly what a bad habit is isn’t it, you know the old saying “one mans mead is another mans poison” it can of course be seen the other way around.

So what is a bad habit and how to break it if you have come to the conclusion that your life is ruled by what you see as, and more importantly what you feel is bad for you. This is the driving force behind learning how to break bad habits.

A heavy cloud

Is there a cloud hanging over your life, something somewhere just out of reach, subtly sapping your energy, elusively pre occupying your mind at a deeper level. If once you were vital and now you are running as if on 2 cylinders instead off the 4 or 6 you know you have, the mood swings self-pity and martyrdom.

Sleep deeply

Are you not able to sleep deeply for good healthy periods, something eating away at your self-respect, is there some unstoppable feeling or urge that seems to mock your every effort to focus and to absorb what you read or study and keeps you from the beauty of every present moment.

The witness you need

Is there some wedge driven in between you and a loving relationship, is there nowhere to turn, and no one to be witness, as to reveal would be far too painful and humiliating, is there a truth you know or realize is in fact a lie; but it has the upper hand and you have nowhere to turn, you cannot reveal and so you suffer.

Why can you not resist that cream cake, that cigarette, that beer, the coffee or even the gym if it is harming you, why is that jolt so addictive when you know it is wrong for you.


These things are not judgments by the outside world but perhaps a knawing fear that the outside world would judge you harshly if it ever found out just how many cream cakes you eat.

Suppression of feelings

Maybe you need those cream cakes because you were afraid of what you feel, your feelings always suppressed, your true healthy human appetites hidden away and now the ruts in that old twisted well trodden road are so very deep and dirty that it’s hard to get off it, anything suppressed and not allowed a healthy expression tends to work its way up and out and is leading you on through a landscape that terrifies you.

Why have you not retained that peace of mind you have known in the past, now always so fleeting transient and short lived; something continuously contradicting all your good intentions.

Is the real self out of reach

Is there a you that you miss so badly but seems so far out of reach from so long ago that the weight of that knowing crushes you and in the midst of that terrifying landscape you don’t want to remember and so; another cream cake or what ever it may be

Is your recall and your memory continuously compromised by something just out of your grasp, something misty heavy and hidden like an old coat you have become used to or have forgotten you’re wearing, tugging your strings, at your threads and fibers but you just can't put your finger on it, is there shame and guilt and secrets that look out from behind, mocking all the love and good intentions that ever flow your way.

Why, what, how?

What is it that stops you from working towards any long term goals and all the rewards that would bring. Where did this thing take root. Why are you so angry. What is it, what is it that rattles all your sensitivities, that blemishes your skin, that puts on the pounds, that puts that ache in your bones and tugs at your hair and maybe ultimately shortens the life you came to live.

The hooks in you

You may just find that whatever it is is of no consequence to others, it’s not a habit to them, its something another can pick up enjoy and put it down. Why is that, how has it got its hooks in you, how has it become particular and distracting to you. How do you free yourself, how do you unearth yourself, how do you introduce a habit or habits that are good for you. How do you keep your word? Where is the happiness in the present you have known so acutely in the past?

The Magic wand?

Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand somebody else will wave over your head and everything in your life will be ok, but it can be a wand you can use systematically to chop through the weeds, If any of the above is true, the truth is there are other brighter obvious easier roads to travel. The Hypnosis may need be learned; it can and will help build on self-respect once the roots are known. In a warm friendly and confidential environment, with the right help you can be your own witness.

Joining us for Hypnotherapy in Exeter and discovering how to break bad habit is perhaps a fast track to realising that all of us are human and nobody is out of reach of bad habits. But there is the very real opportunity to learn from what you wish to be rid of. To understand how to break bad habits is to have the bravery to face them and yourself. With such bravery, anything is possible!

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