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Why Asking How to Get a Beach Body is Killing Your Happiness

Frissítve: 2019. jan 22.

Perfect beach body

We all know about the Beach Body, right? It’s the billboard idea of perfection, pretty, attractive and sexy with Barbie and Ken like measurements. The question of why it’s attractive for men and women is a different matter. But for sure it makes many people feel that their body or they are just not good enough. The same is often true with Yoga. Predominantly perfectly toned, super flexible, skinny, lean, beautiful men and women inspiring you to take part in a yoga movement and to start practising daily. Will you?

Hand on Heart

Hands on Heart, Yoga is for everyone, yoga for all ages, yoga for all body types. No question about it. The benefits of Yoga works for everyone equally; whether overweight, underweight or having a healthy bodyweight; flexible or stiff, old or young. Every body benefits from Yoga; Why? Well, here are two great reasons:

·When you practise Yoga oxygen rich blood is flowing and reaching into every cell and your body releases endorphins; Yoga is unquestionably a real mood booster.

·Do you agree ‘we are all different’? So, why would our bodies fold and bend in the same way as everybody else? Our body is an expression of our personality and the life that we lead.

I wish for everyone and I wish for myself to live life with full potential, including a fully developed, strong, healthy, body. Yoga helps you appreciate your beautiful body and with this growing and knowing and feeling, it will help you accept who and how you are. There is no judgement here because there is no measurement (except that we are all human). There is no competition; there is no race only self-worth, love and compassion.


I watch a lot of youtube Yoga videos, tutorials to practise, to learn and self-develop. Sometimes I simply find it intimidating when I see a wonderful young man or woman presenting Yoga asanas (poses). I have thought many times

“Orsika just get a grip, get on with it. Don’t buy into that idea of the race towards beauty and health, it is within you”

Then I close my eyes, and I flow with my own body and I do what feels good for me in that moment. And when I finish, I always feel love and compassion towards myself and towards others.

Be Brave

So please, when you see a perfect Yoga Body video or a class with full practised yogis, give yourself a chance, don’t buy into the fad, instead just simply step onto the mat and do it in the best way you can. I am sure when you practise regularly you will transform your body and life simply because you will start liking and appreciating your body and your life, you will no longer be intimidated by others, because you’ll be enjoying yours.

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