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Hypno-Birthing, is it really any good?

The verdict seems to be in on the advantages of Hypno-Birthing; which is the use of self-hypnosis for labour and childbirth using relaxation and breathing techniques for pain relief during the birth.

You are in control

No matter what kind of birth you are planning (hospital, home, birthing centre, pool) Hypno-birthing can help. It’s a technique for mothers to train and calm the mind. The aim of Hypno-birth is for you to have a calmer, easier, more comfortable birth where YOU are in control wherever you are.

Reason for choosing Hypno-Birthing

Women who’ve used Hypnobirthing say their main reason for choosing Hypno-Birthing was out of fear anxiety and terror associated with childbirth; could they do it? What if things went wrong and of course apprehension about the pain to come.

Negative cultural Hypnosis

There are the horror stories and negativity about childbirth; it’s on the Television as entertainment, painful upsetting, subtle biblical nonsense that women have to suffer, all subtle negative hypnosis and fear based. Consequently women are often coming out of the experience feeling annihilated and so are asking for techniques they can use to make it a more positive experience. A friend said recently ‘you wouldn’t run a marathon with out preparing, so why should giving birth be any different

There is an alternative

There is a lot of useful information out there now about Hypno-Birthing, there are people to talk too, it seems midwives too are much more receptive to Hypno-Birthing these days. There are excellent practitioners who specialise in positive birthing, providing CD’s and classes to attend, predominantly with very positive results and with a common sense attitude of how alien and scary one of the most natural things in the world has become for many women

The popularity of Hypno-birthing is growing

There seems to be almost overwhelming feedback from mums who have gone for Hypno-Birthing. Mothers who we’ve met at our practice report of being prepared, learning and practicing about breathing techniques, getting oxygen to muscles; learning about the contractions (surges) and what to expect. The use of positive language learning to remain calm, that your body knows what to do and facilitating that

Everyone’s experience of labour is different

Friends of ours and clients where we have practiced Hypnotherapy in Exeter Teignmouth and London have told us of post-natal depression caused by women feeling a sense of failure who haven’t achieved birth without pain relief. The choice of practitioner/instructor is very important and a better understanding is perhaps that a person will be able to learn to manage any discomfort they may experience

A sense of control

Mothers who have attended Hypno-Birthing classes report having wonderful births, quicker births, exceeding their expectations, less intervention, that they shaped the experience having a sense of calm and control rather than that old knawing fear and; new feelings of excitement at the idea of giving birth. Many do report pain free births and some do not, but most seem to say they were able to manage and cope with the breathing techniques they learned


Partners too are included and encouraged to watch the digi packs, listen to the recordings, even going to classes, learning how they too can remain calm, connect and understand what is happening, have a much more useful role during the birth and afterwards, many a sceptical dad has become a committed Hypno-Birther

Relaxation after the Birth

The techniques it has been reported have also helped relaxation afterwards whilst establishing breast feeding habits and remaining calm with an unsettled new born, all this nurturing positivity with and for future births

Practice Practice Practice

At HOW we have always said Relaxation is Strength so if you’re expecting why not go to the classes or listen to a CD? Why not practice the techniques? It can only be of benefit. But do practice so that when things start happening it will be automatic.

The more time you practice the more natural it will become and remember Strength is Relaxation

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