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Hypnotherapy For Diabetes; A True Story

Frissítve: 2019. jan 23.

No such things as accidents?

A lady came into the Serenity Center on Brunswick Street, she was it seems just blown our way and wasn’t sure why she’d come, she’d just stumbled upon us, but once inside she felt comfortable and safe and decided to have an Indian Head Massage.

The Hypnotic Subject

We’d sat and talked and it became apparent she had a few issues she would like to address. In retrospect Indian Head Massage was just the gateway to the help she needed and it would turn out, so far, the help she’s received. I began the massage, which she really enjoyed and at the end of it was so deeply relaxed that I decided on an instinct to talk her deeper and into Hypnosis and give her some positive suggestions. It turned out that she was a wonderful Hypnotic subject.

The Start

She went, into a deep somnambulistic trance which meant we could do some preparation for the deeper work to come. When I brought her round later she said

“What did you just do to me?”

I said “Nothing; I just showed you a way in, you did it all yourself”

She left that afternoon radiant and deeply happy, something had fallen away, an old heavy coat of doubt and restriction, fallen to the floor. I watched from the doorway as she walked away down Brunswick street as if she was walking on air. It was just the start


I will call the lady N. She came back the following week and was very excited. We discussed more of her background, which I’ll not go into here, except to say she was overweight due it seemed to her insulin injections, she suffers with Juvenile Diabetes (type 1) but her underlying issue seemed to be about being controlled. At those first few sessions she consistently told me how weak she was. I always counter statements like that with the fact that creating such unhealthiness shows a great deal of control, strength and determination, it is just that it is reversed detrimental and aimed at the self.

Under a spell

As a therapist with all the work we have done up and down the country, Hypnotherapy in Exeter, here in Teignmouth, this what I am always listening for, the spell or the self fulfilling prophesy, the deeply held belief of the client, the self-Hypnotic statement that needs to be broken. Then perhaps to find where it come from and the why was it believed and absorbed in the first place, a learning for the person, the realization of our own strength and so growth.

It is real it will work for you if it can be embraced and absorbed just as that old negative spell was.

Mind first matter second

I have long believed that most illnesses are created in the mind first. These thoughts conscious and unconscious disturb the physical energy that surrounds a person, these disturbances then manifest in the physical body. I could reel off a long list of cases but many of course are confidential, perhaps down the line I will write more on the subject

As the weeks progressed we came to understand that when N’s blood sugars rose there was always a trigger though she hadn’t changed her diet significantly or eaten anything that would raise sugars or missed an injection, the trigger was it seems stress and anxiety and in her case usually connected with certain people and certain situations. But why would stress based on our feelings, which are based upon our thoughts, produce the physical reaction of physical blood sugars rising?

Always been?

N had said she had always been diabetic. I drew to her attention that she simply couldn’t have always been. But it seemed that she was a sickly child and that her diabetes was first recognized at around the age of 2 years old and we found under Hypnosis she’d been misdiagnosed a few years later and told by the doctor that if she didn’t take the medicines “That her body would kill her” What I way to deliver the news to a 5 year old child, it created such a sense of fear and dependency; stunningly insensitive.

N sat in front of me was very angry, it was healthy. She was beginning to fight back

Back to a time and a place

We also talked about the pancreas not working, but that perhaps it was just asleep, changing those perceptions. Perhaps the pancreas and the Beta cells were just sleeping or hibernating and perhaps it was time for her to wake them. In one session on an instinct, I suggested she go back to a time and a place when her pancreas and Beta cells were working perfectly well, a time when they were awake. She easily went back to the age of around 2 years old, I sat there watching closely when she suddenly sat up straight and exclaimed a surprised


I knew that she could feel the pancreas working. I let her sit with it for about half a minute and then said

“Now bring that feeling forward to right now in your body, do that right now, that’s right”

We’d also done quite a bit of work on toxic relationships, on freeing herself and taking charge, taking responsibility and asserting herself.


She called me the next day brimming over with excitement. She’d left the session and she said felt very hungry that her sugars were low, she’d eaten, had gone home and realized a little later on that her sugars were low again, she’d eaten and had had her usual two insulin shots that day, but had woken in the night, again with her sugars low. She’d said in the past she would have worried about it but felt that “something medical” was happening.

She’d eaten again and woken the next day she said ‘feeling amazing’ and so much better, level, balanced and with more energy. With her usual two injections, her sugars had still gone low, did it mean she was getting extra insulin from somewhere? We were both thrilled.


For the record here N is keeping meticulous notes we are not encouraging her to stop her insulin injections of course, but down the line aiming at reducing her insulin injections, a side effect of taking insulin is gaining weight, there is of course a healthier diet to consider and implement too; then, if that was the ultimate outcome, it would be such a victory for her. I believe that it can be done.

First things first

But first of all to take control of her life and rid herself of toxic relationships and situations that create anxiety in her. Life will always be a roller coaster of course, but it can be easier dips rises. N can take charge, use her inner strength for her own benefit now, so ultimately free others tied into those unhealthy scenarios too. So we are working towards her free to control her own life, making her own decisions, choosing what she does and where she goes whenever she likes. From what we have experienced so far there certainly seems to be a link with these things; so first things first.

Unborn Influences

An interesting thing to tie in with the case with N. Over the years I have also come to believe that there is so much information picked up by an unborn baby in the womb. To me it makes obvious sense. The baby feels the mother, but the baby ‘also’ hears the mother. There have been sessions where people have come with particular issues only to find themselves, to my surprise at times, regressing to the time in the womb, picking up signals that they are unwanted and unloved etc. Sometimes these impressions are true and at other times they have been misinterpreted by the baby (the person) and were in fact just feelings of apprehension from the mother, perhaps caused by the environment, that were misunderstood but that were clearly registered by the unborn baby (person)

Powerful stuff

N’s mother was by her account extremely neurotic and has been all her (N’s) life. N had said with great conviction, “My mum never wanted to have a baby” apparently her mum had told her this and so perhaps, was born with all that absorbed anxiety and those signals of rejection had been received from her mother before she was actually born. Hence she was as she says “always a sickly child” and possibly the seeds for diabetes were sown all the way back then. Its powerful stuff but I am at this time convinced of these things. Logically how can it be otherwise?

We will be continuing our work, Hypnotherapy in Exeter, in Teignmouth, I will keep you informed of her progression. It does seem that her Diabetes is linked to stress and anxiety. She is changing her diet

Doing well

At present N is doing really well, is optimistic making changes in her life feeling more confident. Realizing that those old feelings no longer serve any purpose, she is introducing new information, is being liberated by her own growing sense of worth, by the realization that she has many wonderful gifts that she came into this world with, that ultimately she is deeply lovable and has so much love to give. The dream is to walk barefoot all the way along the beach at Teignmouth I have a feeling it’s coming pretty soon. We’ll let you know

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