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How does Hypnotherapy work -Misconceptions and the truth

Frissítve: 2019. jan 23.

Have you got an appointment for Hypnotherapy? Perhaps its your first time and your not sure what to expect. You are almost undoubtably asking yourself how does Hypnotherapy work.


There are quite a few misconceptions about Hypnosis, like the one where somebody will just wave a magic wand over your head and all unpleasant memories will disappear, or that in an hour or less a life time of self abuse, unhealthy living and unhealthy thinking will be swept aside and the person liberated with no effort needed. Or that a person will loose all control and fall under the spell of the Hypnotist, who is perhaps a suspicious character, representing mystery magic and the unknown in peoples minds. Or the one that a person will reveal all their secrets and the Hypnotist will then wield control with the information and knowledge they have extracted, knowledge is power, right?

Relaxation is strength

It’s all nonsense. To many people the act of letting go and going into Hypnosis has to be learned usually because of one or a combination of the above. But once learned anyone will realize the power and control they gain, by learning how to go into trance people realize what control is, and you’ll find that relaxation is strength. People who cannot or will not let go are missing out on the profound connection with the deeper mind, the bigger self, the wholesome and healthy wisdom and authority that is right there just beneath the surface, it’s real and true, it runs the show, but how too access this inner power, right? Because that is exactly what it is, and we are not talking Harry Potter here.

Perfectly Natural

So how does Hypnotherapy work? Well the first thing to know is that there is nothing magical about Hypnosis, it is a perfectly natural state of mind, once known felt and understood, just about anybody who has experienced it, wants to experience it again. And to address the idea of revealing secrets, it is understandable that a person may not want to reveal things that they have done in a less conscious moment or perhaps things that have happened, at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in London and through the teachings of Gil Boyne I was taught that unless a person reveals they will suffer and there s a lot of truth to this though more recently I have been watching techniques by Mike Mandel who has developed a technique where a person doesn’t have to reveal, which could be a wonderful tool.

We all need a witness

I’ve found that in fact once in the moment so to speak, once trust is established between client and therapist a person usually wants to reveal, realizes the beauty in the release in the process. I have always said ‘we don’t need advice, we just need a witness a place where we can let go express without being judged. I have been a witness now many hundreds of times it is always profound experience not only for the client but also for me the witness as the weight is lifted or the strings that bind and restrict are cut. I have never had anybody yet come out with regret, the only one perhaps that we didn’t have more time

Details are only clues that lead to release

I don’t store things away on a person how ridiculous would that be, what a burden it would be. It is all learning, fascinating to me and one of the reasons why I suppose as to I became a Hypnotherapist in the first place, not only the implications but also the physical demonstration of how powerful the mind is, how we are imprinted with information and how this information affects us in a myriad of ways, physically and mentally. How very sensitive we are how very powerful we are and the fact that we do create our own realities for better or worse at all times; now that is interesting.

Brave and Beautiful

In every session I learn something and in understanding I can do a better job next time each and every time. I have worked with some amazing brave and beautiful people over the years, we are always working towards lifting the soul creating awareness so a person can consciously make better healthier choices. In my book what better thing to do with a life, it is not always overnight but ultimately this is what can be done when a person understands the power of trance.

The Grapevine

Quite recently a lady overheard us talking about Hypnotherapy whilst we were out in a café she turned and informed us that

“Oh I know all about Hypnosis and how hypnotherapy works”

She went on that there were a lot of charlatans out there, some good and some not to be trusted, all said with such conspiratorial weight and authority. So I asked her about her experience, it seemed that she’d had a hypnotherapy session once; she’d really not liked the therapist and that one session she had didn’t cure her of obesity. All this said whilst tucking into a couple of large slices of cake. We have heard similar things many times, such nonsense

Good and Bad

There are of course good and bad, but the same could be said of mechanics, plumbers, taxi drivers or teachers. But Hypnosis has this gravity attached to it whenever the ignorant talk about it. She was a nice lady but; you know, just simply wrong; projecting outwards instead of tackling her issue, for what ever reasons; perhaps she simply liked cake, and that’s ok too but I suspect that it wasn’t making her happy

A Greater Understanding

The details can be put in the river of experience and released the learning absorbed. Everything is a stepping-stone to a greater understanding, no judgment here and once done, you’re free to act in a more healthy way, you’re free to make better choices, more and more consciously awake and informed. I have heard people state confrontationally

‘You can’t Hypnotize me, I’m un-hypnotizable’

I’ve come to feel quite sorry for them they are obviously so full of fear and why would I waste my time. Why would person put up such a block to the most powerful transformational experience?

All learning

We are all learning and I have had my moments too on my journey to where I am now, perhaps I still perhaps have a long way to go, but better to be awake making my own choices accepting the consequences than sleep walking my way through this life and full of fear.

Hypnotherapy in Exeter, Teignmouth

It isn’t the B and end all there are many avenues roads to help a person towards health consciousness but from where we’re sat if you need help, need that nudge Hynotherapy is a remarkable tool in helping transform your life to one that you enjoy. So don’t be afraid it is not the details that matter so much to much at the end of the day, they are just clues along a path that lead a person to a point of understanding and release, to a desired change and ultimately healing.

It has to be desired I can’t make you give up cake or cigarettes if you don’t want it. But if you do want that help, if you need that nudge, if your ready for change we are right here.

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