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Pickled Cucumber - Grandma's recipe

This one is one of Orsi’s Grandmother’s recipes, no kidding; so refreshing, light and surprising.

Orsi loves a market and the village of Esperaza only about five miles away from where the retreat was - has an amazing Sunday market, a real treat. It was buzzing easy going and fun. There were buskers, cheese stalls artists leather goods clothes jewelry rugs books bags CDs and used goods; sweets savouries vegan and organic, and of course coffee and pastries. They had the most amazing colourful tasty looking fresh organic vegetables there and Orsi had an Idea whilst loading me up. Summer Cucumbers

She bought some green and yellow ones and some garlic. Next morning she thinly sliced it on the mandolin slicer crushed a generous amount of garlic and made a quick a jug of vinaigrette mixing up salt, sugar, vinegar, water and the garlic and poured it over the cucumber tastefully arranged in circles and colours

She left it pickle for a good full morning and later served it chilled with lunch. It was so cooling and refreshing, the best summer salad ever

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