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Recipes for Healthy Desserts; Sage and Apple Pancakes

Frissítve: 2019. jan 22.

Feel free to jump to the recipe straight away or if you’re still hesitating keep reading.

Imagine the smell and taste of the sage (hopefully you can do this without thinking of a turkey or Xmas stuffing:-)... Probably a savoury sensation first and then sweet, warm and distinctive. I mainly feel it on the top back part of my palette. Hold that thought, great! Now imagine the neutral sweetness and softness of the cooked apples. Excellent well done! Bring them together in the texture and shape of a fluffy American style pancake. Served with a lemon. It’s a winner!

How does ‘present’ comes into the picture? Well, fresh sage tea is called a “thinker’s tea” because of its ability to help enhance mental clarity and concentration. With this recipe I don’t use sage tea, I use sage infused milk, which I believe together with the culinary experience we are just about to have will definitely keep us in to moment.

Here we go:

Ingredients – makes 4

1 cup of flour (any)

2 tbls baking powder

pinch of salt

1 big apple, grated

1 cup of milk

8-10 fresh sage laves finely chopped

1 tbls sugar/honey/agave (optional)

1 tbls oil/fat (any) in to the mixture and some to cook the pancakes


Infused the milk with sage. Combine the milk and the crushed sage in a pan and bring the milk up to simmer (not boiling). As soon as you see bubbles start to foam on the top, turn off the heat and let the milk sit until it's cooled to room temperature. (Option: strain the milk)

Mix flour, salt, baking powder in a bowl. Add the cooled infused milk and mix it well. Add apple and sugar if you use any. Let it rest for 5 mins. A touch of vanilla, it works really well together. So do not hesitate to add it if you have any at home. Heat fry the pancakes on a medium heat and eat it hot hot hot.

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