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Releif for menstrual cramps & endometriosis with Healing & Hypnosis

Ever suffer from debilitating Menstrual cycles, many subtly dread or even hate them? There is such a thing as relieving menstrual cramps with healing & gentle self hypnosis!

With Hands on Healing and Hypnosis it is possible to relieve the cramps and the aches and be more connected with these natural cycles.

Here is; Relieving Menstrual Cramps with Healing & Gentle Self Hypnosis

My partner is proud of her menstrual cycle, she has strong tides that sometimes drain her and curl her up. But even during her strongest ones, she always says how proud she is of her body and what it is doing. I like her for it.

Subtle and overt hostility

We talk about it and it seems that many women simply don’t like their periods or themselves during those times. It seems there are all sorts of stigmas and even hostility aimed at them during these times by others and it seems; by themselves

Healing Hands for Relieving Menstrual Cramps

This particular morning she was having a painful one and asked if I would give her some healing. We’ve done it many times, my hand placed gently on her stomach and after a few minutes the cramps stop, the pulling on her back subsides; she became peaceful relaxed and began enjoying just being and being quiet.

Taken for granted

Healing as we call it has become second nature to us, something we just take for granted, it’s a practiced part of our lives, it’s what we do and we thought, we hope, it could be part of yours too. I have done Healing many times for painful period pains at the Eden-Phil Pooke Healing center in London and with women in places I have worked at over the years.

A personal thing

I have many times supposed that it perhaps seems a strange thing to offer, particularly from a man. It’s a very personal thing and really would you drive 5 or even 10 minutes to get some relief for these pains from a man. You’d probably want to be left alone to deal with it. What would I know, right? But why not if it helped, particularly with endometriosis

Would you go somewhere that could show you how to direct your bodies natural energies, it isn’t all that difficult and it seems most people have never been shown or taught or even thought about it, many people think Healing is a strange thing; but in fact is nothing of the kind.

Relieving Menstrual Cramps is Just Around the Corner

Would you call into somewhere for a chat that could help you prepare, open up real possibilities of relief. Would you go somewhere to enquire and maybe learn the benefits of Healing & Hypnosis to prepare yourself and experience a great deal physical relief next time round, it’s a real possibility and it could be just around the corner.

A very natural thing

These are not bogus claims, it’s not a sales pitch. The results have often been quietly remarkable, it’s the little things isn’t it, that make the world go round, relief, no fuss, no nonsense, easy relaxed and stress free and they are able to relax and experience the phenomena and embrace it. It’s a simple thing, it’s a practiced thing and most of all it’s a natural thing

Natural relief

The point here is, Healing as we call it, the transfer of energies through one person to another is real and it is physical. I have supposed that many women would want to just curl up at home or will struggle to work and take a few Paracetamol or pain killers. But what if those cramps or that heaviness, that tugging and pulling from the back could be relived naturally

Hands on Healing for Relieving Menstrual Cramps

HOW Hypnotherapy in Exeter and Teignmouth right? But we began our journey Healing, hands on healing, the transference of energy from one to another. Its a perfectly normal human condition, check out the page on our website on Healing for a fuller description and if you are suffering from strong debilitating Menstrual pains why not call in for half an hour, you won't be sorry you did.

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