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Stuffed Tomatoes - Delicious little rococo Queens

Stuffed Tomatoes Delicious little rococo Queens

These stuffed tomatoes were amazing. We’d had some left over lemon couscous from the lunch and were wondering what to do with it, seemed a shame to give it all to the chickens.

Some of the students at the retreat were going down to the organic gardens to do their Karma Yoga. The tomatoes, were amazing bright red and full of sunshine, ready to be picked. We asked them to bring us some back up in one of the baskets.

Back in the kitchen Orsi cooked up some bulgur and some Puy lentils. Cut the tops of the tomatoes and scooped the insides into the couscous added the bulgur and the lentils.

She flavoured it with cumin, garlic, salt and paper and a few fresh herbs of coriander and parsley. I watched her; all intention mixing it all together then when she felt it was right she carefully filled up the tomatoes, popped the tops back on and baked them in a baking tray careful to remind me to add a bit of oil and a little water in the baking tray.

"Little rococo Queens" she said

So juicy and full of flavour, they went within minutes, not even the tops were left after lunch.


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