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a double act - Sweet Turmeric & Regular Jasmine Rice

We decided to cook Jasmine rice just because it’s gorgeous

Jasmine rice is moist aromatic soft and nutty. We picked up a few packets at the local supermarket as we sure you can where ever you are and cooked it according to packet instruction making sure to rinse it first before adding water & salt to the rice; Orsi always say’s

“Fry the rice for a bit with olive oil as it just gives it the yummy factor”

Jasmine rice makes wonderful sweet rice too. She decided to give the retreat guests a treat and a choice for dinner that night. She cooked enough for two helpings and to one added cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods and a small handful of sultanas and salt. It smelt amazing and made a beautiful flavoursome alternative to serve with that evening’s vegetable curry.

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