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Experience the benefits, a sense of peace and calmness; relax rest and release with the best stress relief, that will benefit your mind body and spirit. The best Indian Head Massage in the South West


I am a qualified Indian Head Masseuse or more correctly Champissage Masseuse, registered with the London school, which was established in 1995 by the late Narendra Mehta.

From the moment I began practicing, it was as if I was remembering something from a long time ago. It seemed instinctual, my Mum had always said I had magical hands so Champissage opened up the prospect of doing something that came very naturally to me, but with a framed and set series of moves.

The combination with Hands on Healing

Importantly for me Champissage was a perfect combination with the Hands on Healing I have been doing for over 20 years now. The person having the Indian Head with me will most certainly get a great deal of something else too. The power of touch, the Healing energy all in that wonderful framework

A very well thought out therapy

There is no need for a person to undress, clients remain seated Indian Head Massage can be done almost anywhere. It can feel a little vigorous at the begining, with the work on the back, shoulder blades and into the shoulders. Then the upper arms and progressing onto the neck and up onto the head face and ears. With time and practice I have realised more and more just what a well thought out holistic therapy it is.

Deepening relaxation for the whole body and mind

As I begin the massage and start to attune to the person; and they with me, the room itself seems to still and settle. It’s as if the strong fingers at the beginning brush things aside and off the back. Then the movement is upwards into the arms, a person begins to settle, awareness arises, client and practitioner now enter a ‘new quiet’ there is focus in the room, its a graceful subtle slip into the deepening.

Looking in Looking out

I notice a person’s body looking back at me, I’m looking at them with my fingers; searching and they; eyes closed watching me, both taking part in something peaceful, intangible, and yet very personal a deeper kind of awareness. I very rarely put music on when I’m doing any sort of healing for this reason. I think this awareness in stillness is the treasure we are all looking for.

The sense of relief

After the back shoulders and arm work, there is a sense of relief when I come to the ligaments on the side of the neck; the splenius cervicis. I imagine them as strings on a guitar that you play firmly but very gently with those searching seeing fingers.

Leading toward the head and face

Next the occipital bone at the very back of the skull underneath. This movement just feels so good, the inner eye just closes and usually the client goes off very deeply. At times I’ve had to support a persons head. Who wouldn’t love a head massage done with love and done just right? There are then quite a few moves across and around the scalp some to relax some to stimulate and some to release, all leading towards the face

A beautiful thing

I place a cushion behind the head. I move in focused on pressure points around the face, holding the client very close, in a very human to human time stood still moment, many times I’ve held my breath, the person is quite literally in your hands, its beautiful

Time stood still

Finishing off with the ears, the side of the jaw and the masseter muscles, and finally the gentle strokes across the face. All going well time has stood still and now and then when appropriate I’ll introduce light hypnosis right at the very end to give the person something extra to take away.

Not only do we offer Hypnotherapy in Exeter we offer Champissage Indian Head Massage and when done right is wonderful experience with the combination of Healing and light Hypnotic suggestions for an even deeper relaxation. We at HOW Therapies are happy and comfortable to say “We give the best Indian Head Massage in the South West” So contact us, come and see us on Brunswick Street Teignmouth. Experience the physical mental and subtle benefits for yourself. It’s a beautiful thing.

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