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What are the benefits of hypnotherapy? An introduction

There are many misunderstandings, so what are the benefits hypnotherapy so we thought we’d give you an introduction to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to help anyone who would like to understand more. So what are the risks?


There are quite a few misconceptions about Hypnosis, like the waving of a magic wand over your head and all unpleasant memories disappear, that in an hour a life time of self abuse will be forgotten, or a person looses all control falling under the spell of the Hypnotist or even that a person will reveal all their secrets. All nonsense

The learning

Nothing is ever forgotten, everything is learning and we want the learning for our own growth, but old incidents are the past, those old emotions alerted us but no longer serve any purpose, they keep us chained to the past. The benefits of hypnotherapy are new healthy feelings about the self can be introduced; this is all part of the process and there is only now

A Natural State of Mind

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, with special identifying characteristics. There is nothing unnatural about it and there is nothing supernatural about it. Hypnosis is a state of mind that possesses an extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Hypnotherapy will help you make the positive changes in your life ‘you’ wish for

Not Asleep

Hypnosis is not sleep, you will be aware in the process, why would I want you to be asleep? You wouldn’t remember the work we were doing. You will be more awake that ever before and yet deeply and profoundly relaxed and you will deeply enjoy the feeling of hypnotic focus.

Relaxation is Strength

It is true some people are easier than others to hypnotise. I always say; the easier you go into Hypnosis, the more control you demonstrate, relaxation is strength. Why resist the reconnection with your deeper healthy more powerful self; though it is true some people don’t know how to relax and so for some it has to be learned


Because a person is hypnotised doesn’t mean they will accept any of the Hypnotists suggestions, which is why a good pre induction interview is vital, it’s what you the client want. The relationship between client and therapist is vital, trust must be established for good therapy to progress.


Once hypnosis is established deepening techniques are used take a person 'deeper' into trance these deepeners also to serve as proofs to demonstrate to the subject that they are hypnotised; once this is established they are ready to work

Good Hypnotherapy will give you the tools to help move forward.

Many people come for Hypnotherapy in Exeter and Teignmouth have tried everything else. For some the results are instant and for others it is a learned thing. As a therapist I enjoy the latter as I like to give a person something they can work with in the future. I expect a person to continue to practice what has been established in between sessions. It is vital to the success they want.

Taking Responsibility

So what are the benefits of Hypnotherapy? Ultimately Hypnotherapy is about a person finally taking responsibility for the own happiness, their own focus their own success their own health. The subconscious mind is a place of power, wholesome and healthy and you have the ability to access it and use it for how it is meant to be used, to creatively meet the challenges of this, your life.

I have helped many people with issues ranging from Anxiety, Pain Relief, No Smoking, Fears and phobias, Exam studies, Sports performance, Eating issues, diabetes, insomnia to name but a few

A guide through the Mountains

A Hypnotherapist is a guide through the mountains, there are no short cuts, silver bullets magic wands it may take courage preparation practice and determination from the whole party, the guide knows the way but as the great Gil Boyne said “You are the only one who can or will find ways the means, the methods to change those ideas and feelings within yourself. You are the only one who can or will deal with it, for no one else will.

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