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Why Spirituality and Stress relief are the same thing

A question; “Is spirituality and stress relief the same thing? Could Spirituality just be another way of saying “Just Listen” or “Just watch” Because when a person does, you’ll find there is peace


I had always been uncomfortable with the word “spirituality” with, in my mind, its religious connotations. Yet in truth it was always the very thing that led me onwards.

No Judgment

I have no judgments on anybody of any faith who find peace of mind there, quite the opposite I salute you. I am simply interested in them all from Christianity to the Cheyenne on the plains of America, what ever I came across on my own path. Listening to anybody prepared to talk about their beliefs, listening for gems that would help, enrich and enlighten me.


Listening was the key, it could be listening to the Seagulls noting them and all their different voices as I do as I go about my business walking or working, doing the Healing and the Hypnotherapy in Exeter and Teignmouth.

Be there

It could be noting the tides, the winds the trees engaging with your surroundings or focusing in on a conversation with a friend or listening to another’s opinion without arguing in our heads. When we are fully focused on another thing we are immediately out of our selves and at the same time absolutely present. By simply being, right there and when you realize you are you’ll notice you are quiet.

Just because you can

Have you ever searched a beach for sea glass or balanced stones upon one another, just because you could and the time flown. These are times when a person can really hear.


Spirituality can also be found in just keeping notes, release the thoughts, feelings and ideas that come to you. Keep notes of your dreams, something which has always engaged me and where I have found meaning and great peace of mind.

Absorb yourself

Spirituality doesn’t have to mean living in a cave or denying yourself, it could be plumbing, decorating or driving a bus, but simply absorbing yourself in what you are doing just because you can. There is no stress in a well-plumbed sink, there is no drama in a beautifully tiled wall

Stressful Job

I worked as a team leader and then as Head of Field Operations for the distribution of free newspapers in central London for over 11 years. The most stressful environment I had ever experienced.

Ticked all the boxes

During shifts when the papers were out, there would be a respite. I would plot my visits and movements around churches of any denomination in London that were open. It ticked all my boxes and I got my job done.


I would sit in peaceful mediation, I learned to switch off for that precious half an hour each day, I never told anybody, it was my time. I always emerged feeling so much better and ready for the rash of incidents that would happen during any shift.

People and places

So find places that inspire you, find people who you can listen too who don’t preach, write, observe the world around you whether it be nature, the man made metropolis the country village, do it in your own way.

Feed your imagination

Watch sports without taking a side, find healthy stories that lift you and feed your imagination, as your painting that wall or mending that fence be there. Contemplate your best moments and the people who have made you laugh, there is spirituality in all these things, every moment in fact.

Enlightening moments

And just for the record one of the greatest enlightening moments of my life was the first time I heard the Sex Pistols Anarchy In The UK; a life changing spiritual moment for me.

Spirituality everywhere

There is spirituality everywhere and when you notice quietly focus and engage, spirituality and stress relief are the same thing, tune in release and you’ll see.

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