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Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Frissítve: 2019. máj 29.

Often, when we are faced with internal conflict, we can turn to escapisms which potential only regenerate our suffering. But recently, more and more people are becoming conscious of positive ways to deal with and even overcome their stress. Naturally, this means people are turning to yoga for anxiety and stress relief and we want to share why e think this is incredibly important!

Physical health

Physical health had always been about the gym for me, I’d been brought up to go to the Gym, nothing wrong with that. Yoga was something exotic and wasn’t for a Northern English man like me.

I couldn’t have known

I hadn’t known just how powerful and life-changing Yoga could be, how could I have done? I had nothing to gauge it with. But doing Yoga for Anxiety and Stress relief absolutely resonated with the work I am doing with Hypnotherapy in Exeter and Teignmouth at Serenity also with the Healing, I now often recommend it for clients.

Poor experiences

Back in London we’d been to a few Yoga classes and had had a poor experience. I’d only gone because Orsi had insisted and it seemed my prejudices were well founded. She’d done Yoga in Hungary though and knew better and was keen for me to experience what she’d come to know

Hatha Yoga

She’d passed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and returned to Teignmouth bubbling with ideas and I couldn’t really resist could I, living with the Yoga boss; but it’s when finally the penny dropped. Orsi had experienced many different Yoga teachers and groups and knew exactly what she wanted to do and what needed putting out into a room during a class. The result was that within a few weeks word was out and her classes were and are still full.

All ages, body types and capabilities

Honestly; I felt a bit clumsy on the first couple of classes but what struck me and kept me there were all the different body types, ages and capabilities, Yoga is non competitive. It dawned on me that Yoga was about your own body awareness and that Yoga for anxiety and stress could be amazing

Life changing

As the weeks went on more and more people came back reporting, changed lives, changing attitudes, increased motivation, optimism, looking forward to getting up. After a session an individuals day it seemed was brighter and balanced, Yoga for anxiety and stress? you bet. I saw it happening, heard the feedback and definitely feel the benefits.

Find a good teacher

It has to be said there is a lot to be said about an inspiring and motivational teacher and it turns out that Orsi is a wonderful teacher who has created a sense of community and the coming together of all sorts of very different people. But wherever you are if you are suffering with anxiety and stress or depression search out Yoga and search out a good teacher, get out of your head and get into your body

A new type of body awareness

Another thing that struck me was my own level of inner fitness. I am gym fit, weights fit, but Yoga is a whole different type of awareness. I was genuinely surprised at my own posture which become pretty poor due it seemed, to the driving we’ve done these last few years

Yoga for anxiety and stress relief

I couldn’t lie flat; my tendons were tight and tense. It was a shock but within a few sessions I was standing straighter feeling stronger and more relaxed. Yoga has also been so good for my aches and pains injuries and my muscle tone. I have a new body awareness and with that a new state of mind

Learn & Practice

Suddenly all the Yoga poses I’d seen and subtly sniggered at over the years came into focus. Yoga definitely isn’t for sissys; it is most definitely something to be learned and practiced and has already made such a huge difference to me and it will for you.


It is of course like anything else and needs commitment, but the rewards are soon felt yoga for anxiety stress relief is so obvious but it’s the long-term practice that will really change a life, health can be yours. Yoga brings joy into the commitment, its not heavy it’s light and in all honestly was difficult for me to write, is genuinely fun


Yoga combined with its focused breathing is designed to massage the internal organs so digestion improves, sleep deepens, minds more focused, personal confidence increases with this body awareness. So when pursued I’ve begun to say “Yoga is my a new friend who I intend to keep in touch with”

So get in touch with us come and check out the classes 6 days a week Tuesday to Sundays 7-7.50am 8-8.50am 9-9.50am at Serenity Center 38 Brunswick Street Teignmouth TQ14 8AF

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