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I can't believe the difference in myself since the hypnotherapy. I feel I have more confidence. I'm surprising myself. It's amazing I'm doing things with no issues that I would have struggled with before. I’ve been walking along the beach today, something I couldn't have done last year. Awesome.  I can feel that I'm surprisingly calm. The session you gave me has helped so much. I'm a lot calmer than I was, I have much more confidence and I very much appreciate it.

Morris Skilling – Edinburgh


Through your healing I was able to get everything done, not just done but aced. The whole day was utterly amazing. Both my husband and I were able to lay some ghosts to rest as we welcomed my ex husband and his wife back into the family; this would not have been possible without your intervention. Unfortunately just prior to my leaving to come home, my mother died. Again, through your healing I was able to help my sister through the complicated process of grieving for a mother. My re-found vigour got me through all the legal and funereal duties. All in all I have successfully employed the strategy you gave me, I have been back to my warrior self. My book is out on the 28th so I am up to my eyes in arrangements. It is a very different experience after meeting you that it would have been if we had never crossed paths. A massive heartfelt thank you for lending me your strength when I had none to call on

Daisy Line – Cornbury 2017

I wanted to thank you both as you helped very much, accessing the anger was very important. Definitely on the up now. Thank you both again for you help –

Amanda Cropmton - Devon 


Thank you for the support at Purbeck ! Me and George really appreciated it and you obviously made a good impression on George (He was being a bit grumpy today and I said " What would Mick say about whingeing like that ?" George's prompt reply was "He would say relax" and started rubbing his ear lobes

Barbara Pugh - Purbeck Dorset

First off, my download was a success and I was able to control the sort of food I chose to eat which is great. Then a month after I lost close to a stone. Which was fantastic!  Now here’s where it gets really interesting. What I didn’t tell you in our session was the stress me and my other half were going through in trying to get pregnant. We had been undertaking treatments at the fertility clinic the last 3 and a half years before this year download, and at the beginning I had a major operation, and after we still failed to conceive!  Well it turns out that me losing that weight loss did just the job and now me and Alan are expecting a beautiful baby girl! I feel because of our session it did a lot more then shift some weight! It has began change our lives! I must say a huge thank you again. This is the most positive I have ever felt in a VERY long time-

Nicola Merret - Download


I saw you at the Purbeck folk festival, quite unintentionally, and you hypnotised me and talked me through methods of pain management. I have to say, the hypnosis was marvellous and I really felt that you gave me a way of thinking differently about pain. I have been much better for the past two or three weeks - don't know why, but the important thing is that if the pain returns then I feel like I have a way of meeting it rather than just being at its mercy. I found both you and Orsi inspirational and am really grateful for the time you gave me. I'm definitely recommending you all over the place. So - thank you! I do feel that you helped, more than I would ever have expected! I wish you every success, you clearly have a gift

Liz Green - Purbeck


I really admire the work that you are doing, and found my sessions with you very powerful.  I may hopefully benefit from your gifts again at some point

Andy Pattenden- Purbeck

Sometimes you connect with special kind people and after my treatment at the weekend you are one of those people. The treatment has helped me to see my illness in another way now and the skills you taught me hopefully enable me to manage my illness better rather than it managing me.

Mandy McDermott- Manchester

It was so lovely to meet both of you and to experience your healing session. It was very powerful. I hope many people take the opportunity to experience the wonderful healing that you both do, you are a good team

Kathleen Murray- Aberdeenshire


I met Mick and Orsi at Festival 8 some years ago. I remember feeling a sense of warmth, care and safety as I entered their tent and I love the dynamic created by them. They are not only wonderfully effective healers; they are also really nice people. I felt the session I had with Mick was open, loving and filled with a great deal of care for me and my situation. He showed respect of my boundaries and was in great support of my transformation. I loved the energy with which he worked. It was gentle and meaningful and genuine. I work with a lot of healers, and holistic practitioners and really appreciate this level of care and professionalism. I would like to highly recommend any therapy that this couple offer. They have integrity, presence and love and a really deep desire to love and care for others which is tangible and woven through into all of their interactions

whether personal or professional. 

Emily Love - London


I had a wonderful card reading with Orsi. I felt she really tuned into who I was and the reading gave me plenty of food for thought. I felt really listened to and nurtured in Orsi’s care. 

Hannah Fletcher Basingstoke


Back in 2016, at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, I visited Mick at his healing dome as I had some real problems with pain in my right knee. Now I would be the first to admit, I would be a massive sceptic when it comes to these type of things....I remember telling Mick, that "none of that voodoo stuff would work on me"

Well, long story short, Mick hypnotized me (to my utter amazement) along with a hands on healing session, which was weird and fantastic at the same time......Now I am not saying my knee was totally cured, but the difference in pain (much less) and mobility (much more) was incredible. As a new experience to me, it was so relaxing and enjoyable and yes, the outcome was very beneficial. Mick has an incredible calming and soothing manner, which helps you relax from the very beginning. Give it a go and you may well be as surprised as me.

Billy Hunt, Belfast


I'd never experienced hypnotherapy before I met Mick. I'd been struggling for years with a deep trauma and telling myself some very negative un-truths. I felt like I'd really tried everything to work though it and yet still I would be unexpectedly hijacked by grief and shame. Micks hypnotherapy session literally changed my life. He helped me to connect deeply to what had happened and see a truer picture and ultimately change the story pattern I'd been telling myself. I can't thank him enough for helping me move on in a beautiful and positive way. Mick and Orsi also made greatly appreciated contributions in my dad's healing process, sending healing whilst he was battling prostate cancer. I am happy to say that everyone's combined efforts got him through and he has made a full recovery. 

Rachael, Todmorden 


I have worked with a number of healers and shamans over the years, they don't have a patch on the work Mick did with me in half an hour! Mick holds space so sincerely, allowing you to get right to the core. Truely wonderful!" "Orsi has to be the most profound card reader I have come across.  Her delivery is so genuine and charismatic, and every card reading I have had with her has been amazingly truthful to every point - pure magic in a tea cup."

Claire Day- Bristol


“A Great Experience” I was recommended to have a session with Mick of “Healers on Wheels “ by a close friend. The sessions are very relaxed, Mick, has a very melodic voice, which immediately put you at ease. Throughout the session, Mick is very easy to talk too, and a great listener. I can only say, as someone who was sceptical of the benefits of Hypnotherapy, I am so pleased I, took the opportunity, and followed the recommendation. The experience was enlightening and had a very positive effect on my wellbeing

Kelvin Legg- Bristol

I’d never been so down; my world had been turned on its head and I was struggling to just do the practical things in life to get by, putting one foot in front of the other was difficult (both physically and metaphorically), my confidence was at rock bottom. I was plagued by doubts and issues of self-worth that were holding me back. 

Then I found Mick by chance at a festival. Through Hypnotherapy and his incredible perceptiveness, he took me back to the root of all the self-doubt, to a place long ago that had been dark and unwelcoming. Within one amazing and all-consuming, mind-blowing session, oppressive feelings that had long been building up were expunged forever and I could see light, not only ahead of me, but clearly shining a new angle on the past too. I shed many tears that day but inside I was walking on water. 

We’ve kept in touch and every year for the past four; have a lovely reunion with him and the delightful Orsi. Through Mick’s directed and powerful healing, a painful and dodgy knee is a thing of the past and he’s taught me the power of the mind over the body with techniques that I practice regularly. He knows he will never stop me being an anxious mother and grandmother but has put me in a place where I can control my fears, look forward and enjoy life once more.  Mick is so in tune with people, a delightful giver with a truly amazing gift – thank you for being you Mick and for sharing your gift

Karen Morrison, Bromley.

Micheal is a wonderful healer. He is empathetic and sensitive.  His method using hypnotherapy is intriguing and powerful. I am not entirely sure how it works but the effect is profound. It is a very unique way of dealing with stress, anxiety, addictions and low energy. I can honestly recommend Micheal and his work. He is great value for money and helpful at any stage of your healing journey.

Trish Tucker-May. Cinderford

I cannot praise Mick and Orsi highly enough for their gentle, friendly approach and effective treatment. Orsi suggested I see Mick a couple of years ago when I was in a lot of pain from an old injury and he used hypnosis despite being in a tent in a field next to a group of people taking a laughter therapy class! Surreal, but it worked. His suggestions undoubtedly set me on a path to pain management much more successful than anything I'd previously tried. Many thanks!

Lis Green - Portland

I have worked with Mick Crudge (HOW) on several occasions.  Each time has been a special journey and a wonderful experience.  Sessions left me feeling grounded and relaxed and each time coming out with better clarity. Mick is a very special human being and I would recommend him to anyone who is feeling in need of some support, guidance and peace

Steph Kamin- London


Having suffered from anxiety for a number of years. Despite being a little skeptical, Mick reassured me and explained how the mind worked and the process involved. I was absolutely delighted to experience a positive reaction following my session. Wow! I felt so grounded and much more in control of my thought processes which has helped me gain control of my anxiety. I would highly recommend Mick to anyone wishing to try hypnosis!

Jean McLean-Teignmouth.


I have known Mick for over three years, during which time he has treated me

several times, both as a Healer and as a Hypnotherapist. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mick as a therapist: he is caring, attentive, a good listener and extremely gifted in his craft. He is also a genuinely warm and friendly person who is always willing to take time to “go the extra mile” in order to get a good outcome for his client. Most recently, Mick has helped me to overcome a debilitating dental phobia which I have had since childhood.   Following a hypnotherapy session, he was able to teach me some self-hypnosis techniques that I could practice and apply before the dreaded appointment.   To my surprise, on the day of the appointment, I found I was no longer fearful, and the loss of the fear substantially reduced the discomfort of the procedure I was having. I would wholeheartedly recommend taking the opportunity to work with Mick as a therapist.

Debbie Buck - Lincolnsire


I've had the pleasure of a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Mick. I'd never felt so relaxed which felt powerfully healing in itself. He inspires confidence and trust and I would have no hesitation in recommending him most enthusiastically. I was also so pleased to be offered a Tarot reading with Orsi, not knowing what to expect. I found that she was uncannily accurate with her assessment of my situation and inspired by the divine in her recommendations of my future evolution. I would highly recommend a session with her.

Emma Padmore – Glaisdale North Yorkshire

I was lucky enough to find Mick when I was desperate and exhausted from months of insomnia - I had forgotten how to fall asleep, it was so difficult and hugely affected my productivity with work and study. Mick helped me to fall asleep normally again with just two sessions, and he also helped me to reassess and heal my relationship with my father. During the sessions I was impressed by the total focus and presence Mick gave me. I recommend him highly

Sylvia - Leeds

For years I’d had a problem with my right knee, every time I tried to do something it would flare up and stop me in my tracks-I’m talking for over 30 years. I had a session with Mick whilst at the Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool in 2017. I was very sceptical, I thought “this is never gonna work!” but it really did. It stemmed back to an episode in my life that was unfinished business, I was holding anger, hate and pity and he showed me how to let it go. Now if I ever get a niggle, when ever and what ever it may be I use the same method and although sometimes it can take me a long time to get into the zone, I get there eventually and the problem is solved. I never thought it would work but had nothing to lose and I’m so glad I gave it a go. Thanks Mick

Carol Winter- Blackpool

It helped me break through something in me. However there was similar theme I had tried a counselling session before and I had experienced similar things coming out, like decontamination and the flowing of emotion which was stuck deep within me. But it was really a lot of time needed for things to be digested and cleared. The session loosened things and I was able to see myself. What is my will and what is not. Everything cannot be solved in a day but Mick gave me an opportunity to make the process a little faster so thank you so much for that. Orsi is a person of light and warmth, she has a really caring personality. When I was in mess and in darkness.  how much I was supported by her I remember, her face is always smiling full of brightness. Thank you Orsi

Chris Wisdom – Whitby

I have been trying to regain my health for 35 years, visiting all sorts of doctors and therapists during that time, but without success.  I began a series of hypnotherapy sessions with Mick Crudge, a very gifted hypnotherapist, at the beginning of July 2018 and the difference in me now, less than four months later, is astonishing!  His insight and skills have helped me to resolve some very deep issues, which affected my whole life and health, and it has been a cathartic experience releasing those issues.  At last I feel that I can now safely move on in life.  I could never thank Mick enough and would recommend him to anyone.

Barbara Blacklock - Teignmouth

Yes, it was amazing. I watched as Mick, a long time friend of mine, colleague above all an honest and professional person was putting his great efforts to heal my 2.5 year old son. I noticed my son was really calm although he is a super restless boy. Great, thanks Mick

Mohammad Jahangir Alam - London

I was fortunate enough to meet Healers On Wheels at a time in my life when I needed a hug. Mick is the kindest, most gentle of human beings and made me instantly feel at ease and cared for. He took me through some painful parts of my life and bought me out the other side as a better person. Thank you Mick for listening, helping and the hugs.

Kate, Morzine France

I visited Mick in March 2018 because after a hernia operation for some reason I developed very painful knee joints, which I never understood why. I had two Hypnotherapy sessions concentrating on my knee and hernia area and the next day the pain had gone. It disappeared overnight. At first I was wary, but now I’m back walking the fells in Northern England and haven’t felt better on my legs for years. I will always be very grateful for the time Mick spent with me, helping me get over the shock of the operation meant a lot and the fact that the pain in my knees has gone is just wonderful

Peter Crudge – Preston


I have spinal muscular atrophy and 18 moths ago I found dealing with loosing control of my life and body together with falling ill I spiraled into severe anxiety and depression. I had no confidence, had trouble going out, meeting people I was embarrassed. It became so severe I could not talk or eat to the point the doctors wanted to give me a feeding tube etc. My weight plummeted and things started to shut down. I found breathing very difficult and used a machine all the time. I didn’t want to wake up.

I met Mick at a very low ebb through my Reikki teacher and immediately through his calmness and sense of understanding I felt safe for the first time in months. I managed to smile. My breathing became easier. Through Mick’s deep relaxation his healing sessions and his determination to see me come through this, things began to improve, relax and heal. The belief in him and in myself developed into a connection I greatly value.

I am now eating (no tube) talking, going out, enjoying life and breathing fresh air. I still have to practice using his teachings on meditation, self hypnosis and coping mechanisms and it’s a struggle at times, but I know mick is always there to support and help. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done and continues to do for me my husband and family because it affected us all

Gayle Shattock - Bristol

I had two sessions of Hypnotherapy and an Indian Head Massage with Mick. He is amazing and works sincerely from the heart creating a feeling of safety, allowing healing and releasing resistance on a cellular level. After just a few sessions in group learning Self Hypnosis, I feel magical changes in in mind and body as I can now give myself sessions and I am finding answers to questions I’ve been working on for over 30 years. I would recommend Mick to anyone who wants help with finding their best self

Jane Gee - Dawlish

After a life long battle with Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes type 1 and Weight Issues I needed help! Finding Mick Crudge has opened my eyes to what my life could be like. 
After being Introduced to Healing, Indian Head Massage and Hypnosis I have had amazing results and best of all, great calm within myself, which I haven’t felt in such a long time. 
Thank you to the great people of the Serenity Center. Such a welcoming, caring, professional group of people. 
Nicola Coombes - Devon 

I have long been hesitant to try Hypnotherapy and in truth, equally skeptical. I am so happy to say I was proven wrong! Never have I been so astonished by the power of the mind and now I know the power of Hypnotherapy first hand. I have been enjoying the rewards ever since my first session. I cannot recommend seeing Mick (How Therapies) enough!

Dominic Hine - Shaldon

This is the first time I’ve ever experienced this sort of thing and I was really blown away by how obvious and effective the results were. I had a number of pains on going for weeks, which probably suggested my body was on the tense side and giving the problems – so the techniques used on me aimed at allowing my body to relax and heal in all the fundamental ways and worked instantly as if I’d just taken anaesthetic. Along with that I was fascinated by the state of mind induced during the hypnotism, it was a completely different experience to anything. And one great aspect of those techniques are that they can be practiced out of room to give more continued help. I’ve since mentioned to loads of people around me to give this a go. Many thanks Mick !

Charlie Ross - Teignmouth

Yoga classes with Orsi thoroughly recommended. Small classes( 3 people max) and individual attention with an instructor with a lovely sense of humour! She plans classes to suit the individual so good for beginners and the more advanced.

Rob - Teignmouth

Orsi's yoga classes are fantastic. The classes are small which makes it a very personal experience.

Paula Peat - Teignmouth

I always look forward to my yoga sessions with Orsi. She and Mick are lovely and inspirational people.

Jane Darke - Teignmouth

I recently had a head massage, healing and hypnosis with Mick and it was fantastic. I left feeling far more relaxed and can 100% recommend this treatment to anyone who needs to have a bit of quiet time and calm in their lives. Mick is very personable, kind and calming so you will be in very safe hands

Jennifer Corcoran - Shaldon 

Mick is fantastic he has helped me 3 times now in person and a few times over the phone I was suffering with bad anxiety I have been Totally clear now for 5 months and Mick still phones or text to see I am ok . Lovely man

Susan Mccall - Bristol

Truly amazing super chilled couple , thoroughly recommend

Joanne Egan - Torquay

I have had Hypnothearpy, healing and Indian Head massage with Mick and can’t rate it high enough. Each of them were excellent and left you feeling calm and the healing on my back left me pain free. Such a lovely experience for me. Mick has such a lovely personality and is so passionate about what he does that he instantly puts you at ease

Tricia Owen- Wahl

"I do yoga at home from time to time but felt that I'm stuck in a rut and needed more guidance. A friend recommended Orsi to me and what a difference she's . Her very gentle caring nature and friendly approach is wonderful. You feel at ease instantly. Her small classes make this unique & individual, whilst learning different poses each week. Orsi gives off an amazing aura, generating levels of energy, leaving you with such a fantastic feeling for the start of your day!. I am so lucky to have found her, I highly recommended Orsi.

Nicky C - Teignmouth

Orsi's yoga sessions are brilliant - tailor made to each small group; she brings amazing energy, humour, warmth and inspiration to her classes, highly recommended!

Sharon Kirby - Teignmouth

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